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The Exam. (begining gyno story) Robin Rhodes felt her pussy tighten ever so slightly as she neared the nondescript brick house on Chicago's near north side. She found a parking place about a block away, and after checking her makeup in the rear view mirror exited her car and headed down the street on foot. She shivered as the cold wind whipped off of Lake Michigan not more than three blocks away. She pulled her coat tighter around her full figured body and mumbled to herself, "Now I know why I hate Chicago in the winter." It was short trip, however, and in less than two minutes she was standing on the front stoop and ringing the door bell. A feminine voice came over the intercom and asked, "May I help you?" "Uh, yes, I'm Robin Rhodes and I have a 1:00 o'clock appointment." "Of course, Mrs. Rhodes," the voice replied, "I'll buzz you in." Once inside, Robin went directly to the reception desk to sign in. A pretty young woman of about twenty five or so gave her a pleasant smile and said, "Have you done the medical exam fantasy before?" "No," Robin answered softly, "I usually take the dungeon." "Okay," the young woman replied, "the whole thing is set up like a real doctor's office, complete with a nurse and all the necessary medical equipment to make it seem authentic." "I'll buzz for the nurse and she can take it from there." "Do you have any questions?" "Uh, no," Robin replied. "Good, then have a good time, I'll summon the nurse!"

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