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The Exam. (4part of the gyno story) Robin sucked in a lung full of air and waited tensely for the exam to begin. "Okay, Robin," he said softly, "the first thing I'm going to do is probe your vagina with my finger." Robin held her breath for only a moment before she felt a wonderfully warm finger entering her dripping vagina. "Ohhhhhhh, myyyyyyy!" she sighed quietly. "Everything seems to be in order," he said casually while fingering the drooling cunt. "If you don't mind, however, I think that I should make sure that your clitoris is in good condition?!?" "G-go ahead!" she gasped. "Very good," he said while the nurse held open the folds of her labia. "I can tell right away that you have an incredibly large clitoris, and I think that only way to make sure is to use my tongue on it." "Is that all right with you?" "Oh god!" she moaned. "Yessssssss, do it!!!" The next thing she felt was Dr. Hawkins' tongue flicking ever so softly over the head of her incredibly engorged clit! After only several seconds of licking Robin was thrusting her hips forward in an attempt to get the doctor to apply more friction to her suddenly very needy little organ! "Ohhhh, doctor!" she sighed as her orgasm built deep inside of her. "T-that feels wonderful!" The doctor continued his sucking and licking for several more seconds before pulling away and announcing, "I think that Miss Ames should examine your vagina with her tongue, she's very adept at making sure that everything is in tip top condition!"

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