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First Exam (5part of gyno story)Nurse Watkins now directed her attention to Nicole's wet vagina, and after a moments indecision offered, You know of course that you will be given monthly exams by Dr. Corbin, and to make it easier for him, we recommend that our patients shave their vaginas!!! R-really, Nicole replied unevenly, I've never done that before!?! Well it has to be done, dear, she replied while getting out the shaving equipment, now be a good girl and just be still while I shave you baby smooth, okay!?! Nicole gulped audibly while Nurse Watkins massaged warm shaving cream into her thick bush, and as her finger bumped into the excited woman's very distended clit, she gasped and moaned, while practically cumming on several occasions!!! When she figured that her bush was soft enough, the nurse carefully used a double edge razor to remove every last bit of hair from the overly plump organ leaving it smooth as a baby's bottom!!!

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